Enkrateia Bard
Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Redbrown
Eyes: Aquamarine
Wings: Golden
Teia gained possession of the first pair of Wings by many several skills and factors, but the main one would have to be her intelligence. Her IQ is the highest recorded in all of the history of the ships (though keep in mind that most of the history before the ships were launched has been lost, destroyed, or is inaccessible due to the poison clouds), though Dr. Somerly does come close. Subsequently he is the only person she really feels comfortable with speaking to, as she is afraid everyone else hates her for her inherent brain power, or thinks that she is speaking down to them. In reality, she can't understand why the principles that come so easily to her are so difficult to others.

Teia and her twin sister Keia are an uncommon case in that they both remember their parents, who died when they were five. The two sisters have a sort of one-sided feud; Keia feels she must always prove herself equal to, if not greater than, her Wing-bearing sister. Teia just wants to be understood or left alone.

Though questioned and teased often about Teia's "relationship" with Dr. Somerly, Teia doesn't quite get that people think they're an item. To her, Dr. Somerly is a friendly face with a fast and understanding mind. Whether or not she'll begin to like him for other assets is yet to be seen.

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