Kevin Grier
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: ?
Occupation: Student
Kevin is one of the military students, in his fifth year of training to be part of the logistics crew. Midway through his 17th year, he has yet to hit a good growth spurt, and subsequently looks younger than he'd like. Quite talented at organization and tactical maneuvers, Kevin has spent so much time in study that he's never had time or the opportunity to develop social skills.

Never without his glasses, without which he's effectively blind, or a clipboard of projects he's currently working on, in the past few months Kevin has developed a new hobby - Seraphic Watching. A chance meeting with Aramie in the cafeteria (which she most likely doesn't remember and he will never let himself forget) led to an unstoppable crush. His only problem is the mere thought of her makes him blush - the concept of trying to strike up a conversation (or worse, admitting his firey passion!) is enough to start stuttering and sweating. An actual encounter would probably lead to a nosebleed.

Kevin is 5'6", expects to one day get very tall, but until then is an underweight runt of a lad with spiky blond hair and freckles.

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