Aramie Davis
Age: 18
Height: 5'4"
Hair: Silvergrey
Eyes: Lavender Grey
Wings: Silver
Aramie tends to be the mediator of the flyers, possessing neither the incredible intellect of Teia nor the amazing physique of Remme.  Her skills in strategy and combat tend to be in the middle of the charts, not ranking high nor low in anything.  The reason she gained possession of the third pair of Wings is because of another skill entirely.  Aramie has a heightened set of reflexes or instincts, often knowing where to move, how to dodge, or when to strike moments before the situation actually occurs.  How she came by this talent is unknown, even to her, though it has shown itself to be nonexclusive to combat. 

Personality wise, Aramie is very laid back and gentle.  She speaks quietly, moves with purpose, and loves to sleep late.  She often settles disputes between Teia and Remme, and is the best at dealing with the military heads of the ship.  She has no idea that several of the civilians onboard have severe crushes on her, and confides in the small squishy creature that hangs around with her.

Aramie just turned 18, and is 5'4".  Her hair is long, thick, and wavy, and a peculiar silvergrey color.  Her eyes are a lavender grey, though often change hue due to emotion.  The status of her parents is unknown - Aramie hasn't seen nor heard from then since she was 4.  Her wings are a silver color when in use.

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