Liu Eric
Age: 24
Height: ?
Hair: Grey
Eyes: ?
Occupation: Scientist
Note that in the Liu family, they place their surname first.

Eric is the eldest of the Liu clan, at 24 years old.  He is also probably the smartest of them, though nowhere near the lines of Teia or Dr. Somerly's intelligence.  The main love of his life is science. Forgoing a social life, he instead spends most of his time working with chemical compositions and occasionally blowing things up.  He works with Dr. Somerly on occasion, but feels somewhat intimidated by the older scientist's experience and larger IQ.  Eric hopes to one day make a breakthrough involving the poison clouds.

A few of the siblings joke that his preoccupation with science made him go prematurely grey - Eric insists it was having to raise such an "unruly litter of miscreants".  He is often come to for advice, but though he tries hard any advice involving relationships (social or romantic) is pretty much useless.

Eric remembers little of their parents, but the other Liu kids regard him as the authority on the subject, now and then pressuring him to remember more or tell them stories.  He tends to flee to the lab after a few hours of this.

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