Liu Zander
Age: 18
Height: ?
Hair: ?
Eyes: ?
Occupation: Cook
Note that in the Liu family, they place their surname first.

Zander is the second youngest of the Liu clan, at 18 years old and only a few minutes older than Remme. Like his siblings, he is fully appreciative of a good prank here and there, but the true focus of his life is cooking. A self-proclaimed "Master of culinary arts", Zander is most at home in the kitchen wing of the ship, inventing new dishes, training new staff, and collaborating with Dr. Landale about fitness and nutrition programs. Truly gifted in all things edible, food is the one thing Zander would never dare desecrate with a practical joke.

Being nearly the youngest, Zander of course has no memories of his parents. He relies on Remme and, oddly enough, Heath, for his rolemodels, though lately he spends more time with Dr. Landale than either of them. He is an excellent giver of advice, though he is often hard to get ahold of what with the busy schedule he maintains. He keeps a cot in the kitchen so that he can always be on hand if needed, so he isn't often in the room he shares with Ein and Pander, which may be for the best because Ein never stops with the guitar.

Zander is regarded as more of a dork than even Eric.

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