Autarkeia Bard
Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Brown & Black
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Tactician
Keia is part of the military crew on Elysium, and has held a position as tactician/General Tolst's assistant for three years now. She took the position roughly six months before Teia was presented with her Wings. She has always viewed this as Teia one-upping her... as always. Determined to set herself apart from her sister in any way possible, Keia is harsh, brash, loud, militaristic, and cold. She dyed her bangs black so that no one could ever mistake the two (though three or four words into a conversation would easily make the distinction). Despite all of this, however, Keia feels that it is her duty to watch over her sister. Since their parent's death about thirteen years ago, Keia feels it falls to her to keep both of them safe, especially with Teia having such a risky and important position. It may be that her desire to be the protector of the family only makes her that much more resentful when Teia ends up saving the day.

Keia is 5'5", 19 years old, and is very likely to beat you senseless if you ever call her by her full name. Rumor has it that she has her eye on one of the Liu brothers, though she would beat you senseless for mentioning that, as well.

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