Liu Pander
Age: 19
Height: ?
Hair: Black
Eyes: ?
Occupation: Engineer
Note that in the Liu family, they place their surname first.

Pander and Ein are pretty much the "middle children" in the Liu clan. 19 years old and already covered in several layers of permanent motor grease, he is somewhat of a mechanical prodigy. From complex tiny circuit boards to rudimentary nuts and bolts, if it's broken he can probably fix it, and if it doesn't exist yet he'll attach bits of metal until it does. Unofficially depended upon for occasional repairs and upgrades to the ships systems, Pander has developed a bit of a rivalry with the navigator, Ritz, as she considers herself a bit of a grease monkey as well.

Several siblings have already begun plotting to get the two of them together.

Pander doesn't spend much time in the room he shares with Ein and Zander (though to be honest neither does Zander), usually tinkering with machines until he falls asleep on, in, or amidst them.  His shaggy, black hair is a bit long, his skin appears a bit darker than it is because of all the muck he works in, and he usually sports a bandaid somewhere on his face.

Pander sometimes dances when he thinks no one is looking.

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