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Episode 6: Twin angst will never go away.
Twin angst will never go away.
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Rika says...
02.19 - mwah!
Not so long a wait for this one, and this ends chapter 6! We are halfway through the storyline, believe it or not. I hope you all decide to stick with me to see what happens from here on, and maybe we'll pick up new people and ones we've sort of lost track of along the way.

I'm determined not to fall back on the old days of no background (ie, white or mysterious gradients) so I hope the effort is appreciated cos it actually takes me a while to do stuff like... a door. Anyway. I'm glad we're moving out of Tolst's office now cos that's really a horrible color to be surrounded by.
Rika says...
01.29 - Alive again!
Holy crap was I sick.

This week we've got filler fanart from Scott, who's drawn probably the most wicked tod I've ever seen.
Coming soon:
Page 26 of chapter 6
Chapter 7
More sidestories in the forum
More diary entries in the form (almost done that)
Rika hula dancing.
Pochi says...
01.26 - Happy Birthday Seraphic!
Seraphic is 5 today! Happy birthday, happy anniversary, and happy happy day! :)
Rika says...
01.22 - ok, woot, fixed it
The title is dumb, I know. :P I'm sick.

Be the Ultimate Ninja! Play Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN today!

Rika says...
01.22 - Why'd the comic double upload?
I can't figure it out. >.<

My chest cold moved into my sinuses and my left nostril keeps bleeding.

Tolst bought some furniture. Also, a door.

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