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Episode 6: The Bigger They Are
The Bigger They Are
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Rika says...
09.04 - Too easy?
I know I need to work on my action scenes, they've always been a weak point of mine. But this battle wasn't meant to be a huge ragamaroo (the hell did I just say? that's not a word!).

Rika says...
08.29 - *koff*
Pochi says...
08.28 - What's in store?
Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that there's a new T-shirt in the Seraphic Store. It's an shirt and not Seraphic, but it's still really cool and you should check it out.

...and we still have awesome Seraphic shirts if anyone wants to buy one. (Sorry, no more smalls left on the Seraphic shirt.)

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