In a fit of madness, Rika and Nami grab the digital camera and cosplay their own creations.

Be afraid. Be very afraid... Rika can't quite believe these are actually being posted. She's hidden herself in her room and said something about making sure the 'secret link' would be 'so terribly secret that all who know will perish in flame'.

Rika as Teia. Look, she's smart. She's got a big book.

Nami is insane, and she is also dressed here as Remme. Er.. DEEEMON Remme, with freaky DEEEEMON eyes.

There, that's a little more sane... Remme still. She's actually falling right off the wicker trunk.

Nami makes a good Aramie. Except those demon eyes are back. Makes me wonder...

Rika as Eric, the smartest of the Liu brothers. Ignore the "Dr. Layna" on the shirt, I got it at goodwill. So what DOES happen when you mix pineapple and coconut soda? COCONAPPLE.

Rika as Zander, the Liu who likes to cook. Trying very hard not to laugh in this picture.

Nami as Heath, the useless bum Liu who sleeps all day. She didn't have to try hard for this pic, ahahahahha...

Nami as Ein Liu, the selfproclaimed rockstar.

Hey, lookie, Rika's Pander the mechanic!

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